v2 Divine Feminine Rising Foundations

What if you could connect with the divine feminine in your life... so you could feel more balanced, complete, and whole? 

The feminine brings more joy, flow and ease into our world and the ability to lead from the heart. 

In this Foundations program, guided attunements and alignments will align you with the divine feminine to support your energies and release your hidden gifts and strengths.  

Your true self awaits...

Strengthen your connection, and receive soul-nourishing support from the divine feminine for four weeks of amazing and deep transformations!  

This is for you if you want to...

Have a greater impact as your voice feels more supported Enjoy freedom from the chains of societal programming & cultural expectations Find the confidence, success, & wealth that comes when you stand in your power Follow your soul’s purpose and finally feel comfortable doing what you truly love Awaken and activate your intuitive spiritual gifts & your deepest inner brilliance Own your creative drive and feel more supported in going after your big dreams!

This one-of-a-kind program will help you strengthen your connection and receive soul-nourishing support from the divine feminine:

Week One

Multi-layered attunement and alignment to the divine feminine to bring more support into the energy of your life and business. Attuning to energies to support your voice, communication, and confidence.


Week Two

Attunement and guided practice: working with the energies of creativity, success, and abundance. Removing blockages and layers of self-sabotage patterns. Tools for getting out of your own way to let your brilliance shine. 

Week Three 

Attunement and guided practice: Raising the vibration of your connection to the divine, and working with opening up more your spiritual gifts so you reach new insights into your true self.  

Week Four 


Attunement and guided practice: Gently releasing societal programming around what is possible for you. Working with the divine feminine energy around empowerment.

 Plus you'll receive special bonuses to help support your growth and raise your energetic vibrations...  

1. Access to three powerful guided meditations from "The Missing Link" manifesting course: "Healing the Past, Present, and Future," "Dissolving Cords," and "Way Opening" (for when you want to start a new path or project and the way forward isn't feeling open).  

2. A 60-minute recorded workshop by Dana Kalin Narayanappa on "Owning Your Worth." Dana is a powerful healer + passionate business coach who helps her clients bust through stuck points to reach greater success. 


"Rebecca is one of the most powerful visionaries I know."

—Kim Eibrink Jansen  

Working with Rebecca has helped me gain greater clarity around where I want to go. I've become more aligned to my strengths and possibilities. 

Rebecca has helped me diminish feelings of anxiety and show up with greater confidence, grounding, and clarity. 

—Tracy G. 

Hi. I'll be your guide on this path.  

Who am I?

I'm Rebecca Kellogg.  

(Interesting fact: My full name is Rebecca Sederberg Kellogg; I once was told the two last names hold numerology supporting the divine feminine being re-established on earth.)  


I am a natural-born shaman and teacher, connected to both the divine masculine and the divine feminine. I'm a reiki master teacher, a trained channel, and a life-long intuitive. I was raised in a very patriarchal culture (Mormon) where I felt loved but never entirely nourished.  

I had been told growing up there was a female counter-part to God, but I don't think the leaders and teachers of my culture gave very much thought to the divine feminine.  

Altogether, the divine feminine was considered such a taboo subject that I was aware of a few women who received religious and cultural sanctions for speaking of the divine feminine openly, and teaching of it at a practical level.  

These days the world is opening up more to the divine feminine, but I was still surprised when, as I grew older and my gifts expanded, the divine feminine began connecting with me. The Great Goddess, Gaia, and other figures of the feminine divine started showing up.  

Through a beautiful series of supportive experiences with my earthly and spiritual mentors, my relationship with the divine feminine began to heal, and I began to experience a deeper level of nourishment from Her.  

As I became more attuned to the energy of the divine feminine, I thrived more, experienced more success and connection–and I've seen this work out the same way for many other women as well.  

I've seen others, so many others, who crave this connection... who cry out for it... and still others who need it but do not know the name of what they seek.  


This Foundation series on the Divine Feminine is just $247 — so you can get started on deepening your relationship with the Divine Feminine now!

I'm ready to join now!  


How does the program work? After you enroll, you'll receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to access your course content. Each week you'll receive a new email introducing the module of the week.  

When do we start? This is an evergreen program and all of the content will be available to you in our Thinkific portal upon enrollment. You can work through the recordings at your own pace, or follow along with the emails, which will arrive each week.  

How does journey work happen? Do we actually journey places together? Journeywork, as we will use it in this program, is a process by which we meet virtually, via the magic of phone and the internet, and connect via voice. I'll be leading the journeys, gently guiding you through each one. It's a simple and effective way to connect with the energies of archetypes, which are a very real force that shape our world, although they live in the realm of spirit and story.  

During shamanic-style journeywork, some people report seeing vivid stories playing out for them. Depending on the nature of the story, they may be greeted and supported by guides, archetypes or spiritual figures with personal significance, and loved ones who are living or have passed on. Others who are not as visual may simply have a sense of energy shifting as they follow along with the story . . . and often report feeling lighter afterwards.  

Journeywork is a way to connect with your own energy as well as the energy of the broader web of culture and patterns in which you live. I am trained as a journeywork shaman to use my gifts to support you in shifting and evolving those patterns for your own life.  

In general most people report journeying as a very peaceful and empowering process, like a really good session of meditation or yoga. Sometimes things may come up to be released or examined. This is also valuable. It can support your growth. I will be active on the calls and in a Q&A section of the community to answer questions that may come up and to support you in moving through the journey.  

What will I get out of it? Journey work brings different things to each person. This program has been designed to help you transform more into a woman who lives her potential from a divine feminine center and is in tune with her true power and confidence.  

Reclaiming power of the divine feminine and integrating it into your life may help you feel calmer, more happy, more alive, more self-supportive, more in flow, and in tune with your own greater possibility. It may help you have a sense of deepening into your spiritual maturity and confidence, and living life in a more meaningful way. Often this kind of work can help plant seeds for growth and change that can help you feel more empowered not just in the now but also for the future as well.  

The program is set up to provide a container to support you and your growth, and the individual journeys are designed to support you reconnecting with divine feminine energy through the reclaiming and evolving of stories where women have symbolically been cut off from their power or judged for being powerful. This divine feminine power can then be brought forward into your life to help bring in more strength, clarity, alignment and flow.  

What is the cost? You can purchase your seat for 1 payment of $247.  

Will I get to work with Rebecca privately during this program? This program is a self-guided program. There is not a live mentoring component to this program.  

What is the return policy? There are no refunds for this program.  

Where should I be in my life for this transformation?  

You are ready for this if... 

You are a leader ready to embrace more inner support so you can step forward as a nurturing leader in a bigger way while still supporting your inner self. We need your voice and we want you to thrive.  

You are already on a personal development pathway and know that finding new, deeper aspects of self to bring healing to can fuel you higher to greater things.  

You are ready to rise up and shine by embracing more of your divine feminine nature... if the idea of connecting to the primal energy of female source legends and myths in a powerfully transformative way excites you. 

This journey series will help lead you through transmuting and transforming some of the foundational myths around women that our culture holds and healing the way they appear within your own energy center.  

If connecting to your good and heart-centered Queenship speaks to you and unlocking a high level of your greatest strengths is more stirring than scary, then this is for you.